A Guide To Different Types Of Cattle Handling Equipment & Supplies

When it comes to cattle handling, the equipment and farm supplies in Sydney you use will significantly impact safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. At the same time as the right equipment will keep your cattle safe and comfortable while streamlining operating processes, the wrong equipment can put your cattle at risk and reduce your efficiency.

As leading providers of high-quality wholesale farm equipment for farms of all sizes, the team at CanDoo Rural knows how important it is to have the right products for the job. That is the reason we have provided an overview of the different types of cattle handling equipment to help you make sure that you have everything you need to be successful and keep your cattle safe.

3 Crucial Types of Equipment for Cattle Handling

The following are the three different types of cattle handling equipment that are very important for every cattle farm:

  • Cattle Squeeze Chambers

Cattle squeeze chambers are an excellent way to control the flow of cattle traffic, inspect specific cows, and deal with any health issues an individual cow may have. These chambers offer a narrow passage that cows can enter and move through with ease. Rural fencing supplies in Sydney such as gates at each end help to isolate the cow at the same time as the sides of the chute apply pressure to both sides to limit movement and reduce neck strain. This makes sure that the cow remains as still and safe as possible, reducing the risk of injury to livestock and handlers alike.

  • Calf Squeeze Tilt Tables

Calf squeeze tilt tables are very important during calving season. These pieces of cattle handling equipment squeeze the sides of the animal and support the neck to tilt it sideways at a 45-degree angle and allow for medical examinations and other work. Calf squeeze tilt tables are highly useful for clipping hooves, vaccinations, and branding. In addition to cattle, they can also be brought into play for the purpose of working on other livestock including goats and sheep.

  • Fences and Enclosures

Properly fencing your cattle into an enclosure is very important for the purpose of keeping them safe from predators and keeping them on your property. At the same time as a lot of different types of fencing can be used for cattle, it is crucial to make sure that it is installed in the manner it is supposed to be and regularly maintained to minimize the risk of damage or broken sections.

Barbed wire, woven wire, and electric fences are all viable options for cattle fencing, though each farm will benefit from certain options more than others. For assistance choosing the right option for your farm, be sure to speak with a professional.

To learn more about our selection of cattle handling equipment, get in touch with the team at CanDoo Rural. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services and the variety of farm supplies near me.