Can You Use Amazon FBM With Amazon FBA?

Yes! Many Amazon sellers are unaware that FBM and FBA can be utilized at the same time. You will gain by receiving twice as much exposure, which is the key benefit of this. If you have a sizable inventory of goods with a variety of pricing points and profit margins, doubling up is very advantageous. Alternate between FBA and FBM for your inventory. As a result, FBA can fulfill your high-margin, quickly selling products, while FBM can handle your lower-margin, slower-selling products. There is no loser here. The demand for amazon fulfillment by merchant is increased over time.

Which of Amazon FBM and Amazon FBA is better?

That is a difficult one! This will always depend on a variety of variables related to your particular Amazon business, but here are some suggestions:

      Select FBA if:

  • You turn things over quickly.
  • Your possessions are compact and light.
  • You have a respectable profit margin.
  • You lack a storage facility yet have a sizable inventory.
  • Orders cannot be filled.
  • You lack the time to provide effective customer service.

Select FBM if:

  • Your turnover is sluggish.
  • You have hefty or huge stuff.
  • You maintain a respectable storage space or a modest inventory.
  • You can effectively handle client inquiries because you have staff or can handle fulfillment on your own.

Deliver orders on time with Amazon FBM

Following receipt of an order notice, you must ship the item in accordance with the customer’s chosen delivery window. In order to let customers know when to anticipate an item they have ordered from you, Amazon gives them an estimated delivery time on the offer and checkout pages. This accounts for handling and delivery times. You can alter your transit and shipping times to better meet client expectations.

You can purchase mailing labels on your own or through Amazon. Ecommerce order tracking for the customer is a requirement in either case. Last but not least, make sure to update your Amazon selling account with accurate e-commerce return instructions for all orders fulfilled by merchants. When a customer requests to return an item and you authorize the request, Amazon will send the customer a return label with your default return address, which needs to be a legitimate return address.

Final thoughts

Although it may seem like a lot of labor, Amazon FBM has a lot of advantages! A crucial component of any Amazon business that shouldn’t be ignored is the control factor, and FBM provides you with just that. Your reputation as an FBM seller is ultimately your responsibility and essential to your success. This being the case, you must ship each order promptly. To assist you in doing this, Amazon provides a “Buy Shipping” service that includes tracking and will help guarantee a streamlined and dependable fulfillment procedure. Amazon FBM can be the ideal choice for doubling down or serving as a backup plan so that you can diversify or even pivot as needed.